“One of the most exciting and talented interior designers working today.”

Designer Sam Ciardi, founder and owner of the new Samuel Robert Signature Spaces design space in Millburn, NJ, brings his unique and extensive background in fashion design to create fresh and compelling interior spaces. After 17 successful years in the fashion industry, Ciardi now offers his distinct creative vision to a wide range of clients from his new and distinct retail showroom, resource library and studio space.

“My background in fashion enables me to look at a project from a different perspective. Even my relative ‘outsider’ status in the interior design community (stemming from my varied career path) can be an advantage. I’m less entrenched in what the popular trends for furniture, window treatments, etc. may be, and instead can really focus on doing my own thing. With less influence from the market trends, I pride myself on always evolving and keeping my designs fresh.”